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Dude from Chicago writes pop/Rock type songs


The record is here!!

Hey! If you're here and it's May 1, 2019, my new record is out!  I'm really proud of this one, so I hope you like it.  Thanks so much to everyone who helped me make it!  Head over to, have a listen or two and then download away...  OR send me an email @ to get a FREE CD mailed to you directly.  It should be up on Spotify, ITunes, etc. sooner or later too, so get it while it's hot!  Here's a sample to tide you over:

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I'm not really sure what to do with an email list, but I have a new record coming out in 2019 that I think you'll like and I’d like to share it with you when it’s ready. I’ll probably send you a message about how to get a physical copy of it. I dunno we’ll have a ... coupon day, or something. Also - I might email you about where I'll be rockin' out now and again, if it's a bigger show. I promise I won't bug ya too much though. Cool? Cool.