"Beer & a Borrowed Pen" out now!

"Beer & a Borrowed Pen" out now!

"Beer & a Borrowed Pen" out now!"Beer & a Borrowed Pen" out now!

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Chicago Crowd Surfer May 16, 2019 (my first review!)

 Earlier this month Chicago folk rocker Andrew Robert Palmer dropped a self titled EP that is worth a listen or two. His compelling vocals and storytelling chops are on full display with highlights “...To the Lake!” and “Northside Blues Confusion” bringing out the Chicago centric themes that are charming examples of embracing your environment and writing what you know.   


What!? Another Review!?


Another Chicago Crowd Surfer Review (12/19/2019) - Thanks Kyle!

A sense of humor is often missing from folk and punk rock; and when it crops up, as in Andrew Robert Palmer’s newest collection Parlour Punk, it can be a breeze of fresh sounds to get you through the long Chicago winter. A local DIY stalwart who has been self releasing an extensive collection of work since 2015’s Ghosts and Bees (A Retrospective), with a dozen albums and EP’s under his belt in a mear five years A.R.P.’s prolific output is clearly impressive. With Parlour Punk he explores life's changes as he goes through that most grown up step, buying a house. A fully acoustic punk album is not a new concept but A.R.P. approaches it in his classic do it yourself mode by performing the entire record himself (except for some cello parts), in his newly purchased home. With tunes like “Chasing Time” and “Worried Dad Rock” he explores family life in the face of a “scary world.” A theme that runs throughout the record, but comes to a hopeful conclusion in closer “We Still Sing,” as he faces our societal woes with a message of perseverance, his guitar, and a pen. 

-Kyle Land